This is a Pac-Man emulator for the SAM Coupé. It emulates the arcade machine hardware environment, allowing the original Pac-Man ROMs to run (almost) unmodified.

Read more about how it was done in my SAM Revival article.


Version 1.4, last updated 1st March 2014.

Pac-Man Emulator (24K)
Source code (github)

Note: The Pac-Man ROMs are not supplied with the emulator!


1 = 1 player start
2 = 2 player start
3 = insert coin

Cursor keys, Q/A/O/P, joystick 1 = joystick control

Hold SAM F9 key during boot for hard difficulty.

To check the difficulty setting, watch the cyan ghost at the start of the cherry level. On Hard it exits the ghost box immediately; on Normal it waits for around 6 seconds.


Start Screen Attract Screen
Credit Inserted First Intermission