SAMdisk — info

The info command displays summary information about a drives and disk images.

Floppy Info

To show the floppy drive and controller types, and supported data rates:

SAMdisk info a:

Typical output:

 Drive type : 3.5" (from BIOS)
 Controller : 82077
 Data rates : 250K/300K/500K/1M
 Bus Number : 1/0
 Cntrl/Unit : 0/1

Image Info

To show disk image type, and basic geometry:

SAMdisk info image.dsk:

Fixed formats show the specific track format used:

Type: MGT
Format: 250Kbps MFM, 80 Cyls, 2 Heads, 10 Sectors, 512 bytes/sector.

Flexible formats show only the track range stored in the image:

Type: EDSK
Size: 83 Cyls, 2 Heads

Drive Info

To show make+model, serial number, firmware revision, capacity, and CHS geometry (if below 8GB) for a hard disk or equivalent block device.

SAMdisk info 0:

Drives containing MBR partition tables also show the primary partition types, and any logical drives, including type, location, and size:

 Name:      ST380021A
 Serial:    3HV0F66E
 Firmware:  3.10
 Capacity:  80026361856 bytes = 156301488 sectors = 80GB
 Volumes:   C:  D:
 MBR:       1 = NTFS/HPFS, start:63, len:20964762 = 11GB, bootable
            2 = NTFS Hidden, start:20964825, len:20964825 = 11GB
            3 = (Extended LBA), start:62894475, len:93401910 = 48GB
                Linux native, start:62894538, len:16002 = 8MB
                Linux native, start:62910603, len:20964762 = 11GB
                BeOS BFS, start:83875428, len:20964762 = 11GB
                BeOS BFS, start:104840253, len:20964762 = 11GB
                Linux native, start:125805078, len:20964762 = 11GB
                FAT32, start:146769903, len:5333517 = 2731MB
                Linux swap, start:152103483, len:4192902 = 2GB
 Identify:  512 bytes

BDOS drives (for Atom and Atom Lite) display the format and record count:

   Name:      Generic-Compact Flash
   Firmware:  1.01
   Capacity:  524869632 bytes = 1025136 sectors = 525MB
   Geometry:  1017 Cyls, 16 Heads, 63 Sectors
   Format:    Atom Lite, 641 records, bootable
   Volumes:   F:

If the details indicates identify information is available, add -v to display it as a hex dump.