This is a Pac-Man emulator for the Sinclair Spectrum +2A/+3. It emulates the arcade hardware, allowing the original Pac-Man ROMs to run (almost) unmodified.


Version 1.5, last updated 19th November 2016 [changelog]

Pac-Man Emulator (6K)
Source code (github)

Note: The Pac-Man ROMs are not supplied with the emulator!


1 = 1 player start
2 = 2 player start
3 = insert coin

C = colour sprites
M = mono sprites
H = hard difficulty (hold during ROM boot)

Cursor keys, Q/A/O/P, Kempston/Sinclair joysticks = joystick control

Sym-1 to Sym-7 = set display colour, add Shift for non-bright

To check the difficulty setting, watch the cyan ghost at the start of the cherry level. On Hard it exits the ghost box immediately; on Normal it waits for around 6 seconds.


Start Screen Attract Screen
Credit Inserted First Intermission