Augmentinel is re-skinned version of the Geoff Crammond classic: The Sentinel.

It emulates the Spectrum version of the game for the original gameplay, then adds the best features from other versions, plus a few extras.

Read more about how it works here.


System Requirements


Version 1.5, last updated 14th June 2020 [view ChangeLog].

Download installer for Windows 7 or later.
Download zip archive for Windows 7 or later.

If you get an error about a missing XAudio DLLs, install the DirectX Runtime.


Key Action
R Create Robot
B Create Boulder
T Create Tree
A Absorb Object
Q Transfer to Robot
H Hyperspace
U U-turn
P / Pause Pause Game
Esc Quit
N Toggle Tunes
M Toggle Music
+ / - Music Volume
Space Reset VR Position
Mouse Action
Mouse Move Pan View
L Button Absorb
R Button Boulder
M Button Robot
Button 4/5 Transfer
Valve Index Action
Trigger Select / Absorb
A Boulder
B Robot
Pad Click Calibrate Height
Grip Transfer
Stick Left Rotate Left
Stick Right Rotate Right
Stick Click Quit
HTC Vive Action
Trigger Select / Absorb
Pad Left Robot
Pad Down Boulder
Pad Right Tree
Pad Up Calibrate Height
Pad Click Transfer
Grip Transfer
Menu Quit
Oculus Touch Action
Trigger Select / Absorb
A / X Boulder
B / Y Robot
Stick Left Robot
Stick Down Boulder
Stick Right Tree
Stick Up Calibrate Height
Stick Click Quit
Grip Transfer
Start Quit

How To Play

The aim of the game is to absorb The Sentinel and take his place, so you to advance to the next landscape.

You start each landscape with 10 energy points, which are displayed as icons at the top of the screen. Robot heads represent 3 points, boulders 2 points, and trees 1 point. Golden robot heads represent 15 points. Absorbing objects increases your energy, placing objects reduces it. You can absorb objects on the landscape if you can see the tile they are standing on, except for boulders that can always be absorbed. Objects can be created on any free flat tile. Hyperspace creates a new robot shell at a random landscape position, which costs the same as placing a robot.

Object energy values are as follows:
Tree=1, Meanie=1, Boulder=2, Robot=3, Sentry=3, Sentinel=4.

Move around the landscape by placing a new robot and transferring to it. Robots can be placed on boulders (or a stack of boulders) to reach higher parts of the landscape. Don’t forget to absorb your old robot shell and anything else you see around you, to increase your energy level.

When you first enter a landscape The Sentinel (and any sentries) will remain inactive until you perform an action, so you’re free to look around. The Sentinel and sentries rotate slowly, scanning the landscape for anything with an energy value greater than 1. Any objects seen (including you!) will have their energy level slowly reduced to 1 (a tree), with the absorbed energy distributed randomly on the landscape as new trees. Try to avoid being seen as you move around the landscape, or quickly move on if you’re spotted.

If you’re seen a warning sound will be heard and the display will become fuzzy. Every second or so you’ll lose an energy point, so you’ll need to move fast – run out of energy and you’re dead. If the display is only slightly fuzzy the Sentinel/sentry can see you but not the square you’re standing on to absorb you. In this case a nearby tree will be converted to a Meanie, which will slowly turn to find you, then force you to hyperspace.

As soon as you’re high enough to see the top of the pedestal The Sentinel is standing on you can absorb him. Place a robot in his place and transfer to it, then hyperspace to advance to the next level. The amount of energy you have remaining (minus 3 for the hyperspace) determines how many landscapes you jump ahead. Can you complete all 10000? Note: after absorbing The Sentinel you’re no longer able to absorb objects on the landscape, including your old robot or boulders.


Initially only landscape 0000 is available to play. Any later levels reached are unlocked and can be replayed. Use the cursor keys or Page Up/Down to change the preview landscape number.

On application startup the last selected landscape is shown, which may not be the latest. If you’re struggling to advance, try a previously completed landscape and finish it with a different energy level. Neighbouring landscape numbers can be very different.

All settings and landscape progress are stored in the %APPDATA%\Augmentinel.ini file, which can be moved between systems to preserve your progress.


Title Screen

Title Screen

Landscape 0040

Landscape 0040

Starting View

Starting View

Looking Back

Looking Back

Sky View

Sky View

Player Seen

Player Seen


Playing Landscape 0000

Playing Landscape 0060 in VR



This is an unofficial fan creation, distributed without charge. I have no affiliation with the original developer, publisher, or other rights holders. This program must not be distributed through any for-profit channels.