SAMdisk — dir

The dir command show a directory listing of files for some logical formats.

The currently supported formats are:

Please note that it’s not possible to copy individual files into or out of these formats. The listings are simply to help determine what an image contains.


To display a directory listing of a floppy disk containing a supported logical format:

SAMdisk dir a:

To display a directory listing of a disk image:

SAMdisk dir image.dsk

Sample output for a SAM Coupé disk:


  1  MasterDOS    31  CODE  65536,15700
  2  prog1         2  BASIC                     13/12/1990 10:31
  3  prog2         3  BASIC                     13/12/1990 10:36
  4  prog3         3  BASIC
  5  rafprog       2  BASIC
  6  memuse        3  BASIC     1

 6 files, 74 free slots,  22K used, 758K free