LensKey is a Lenslok™ decoder for Windows 95 or later. It emulates the function of the plastic lens, unscrambling an on-screen pattern to reveal a 2 character security code.

The following 9 Lenslok-protected titles are supported: ACE, Art Studio, Elite, Graphic Adventure Creator, Jewels of Darkness, Mooncresta, Price of Magik, Tomahawk and TT Racer.


Version 1.2, last updated 12th October 2008 [changelog]

LensKey for Windows (12K)

The zipfile includes the source code and Visual Studio 6 project files.


1) Game selection

Start LensKey, and select a software title from the drop-down list.

Each title uses a slightly different encoding method, so the correct one must be selected!

2) Selection cross-hair

Click on the main area in the Lens Viewer window to enter selection mode. This allows a pattern region to be selected for decoding.

The cursor changes to a cross-hair until a selection has been made.

3) Select region

On the emulator window, select the right-hand half of the Lenslok pattern, as shown. Do this by holding down the left mouse button and dragging out a selection rectangle.

The left edge of the selection should be in the centre of the central line. The top of the box should be just above the character pattern, and the bottom of the box should be just below it.

4) OK test pattern

Follow the instructions above, and continue dragging to the right until the OK test pattern is visible in the viewer window.

With most patterns, you'll need to extend the selection area slightly beyond the right edge of the pattern.

5) Decoded pattern

Finally, press return/space in the emulator to display the real pattern, which will be decoded in the viewer window.

Enter the code in the Spectrum emulator and you're in!


If you're using an emulator I'd recommended that you pause it while using LensKey, otherwise the frequent emulator screen updates will overwrite the selection box, making it difficult to see.

Can't see any recognisable characters in the viewer window?

If you're still having problems, please contact me using the address below.


Read more about the Lenslok system at Richard Hewison's Bird Sanctuary site.

LensKey even got a passing mention in an NTK newsletter!

* Lenslok is a trademark of ASAP Developments Ltd.