HakPak is small Z80 toolkit for the SAM Coupé, featuring a disassembler and a selection of memory viewing/searching/editing options. It need just a single 16K page to run in, sharing the existing display with BASIC.

As a regular user and fan of the Multiface Genie disassembler on the Spectrum, I chose a similar style for the HakPak menu and status lines. Most actions require just a single keypress, as I was far too lazy to type commands out in full!

Despite the program being rejected by SAM Computers Limited, it was further enhanced and later released as TurboMON.


HakPak v1.0 disk image (16K)

The disk image can be used directly with SimCoupe, or written to a double-density floppy for use on a real SAM Coupé machine.


The startup screen:

Startup Screen

The main utility functions: Disassembler, Number View, Text View, Memory Graph, Memory Search, Data Coding, Expression Evalutation and Scratch Pad:

Disassembler Number View
Text View Memory Graph
Memory Search Data Coding
Expression Evaluation Scratch Pad