This is an Apple 1 emulator for the SAM Coupé. It emulates the first Apple home computer, a 6502-based machine developed by Steve Wozniak and released in 1976.


The emulator runs at 100% speed during the interactive portions of programs, and up to 20% during CPU-intensive processing, depending on the mix of 6502 instructions used.


For your convenience, the emulator is pre-loaded with the following software:

Enter 6000R at the monitor prompt to launch Applesoft BASIC, etc.


A type-in feature is also available, allowing text listings to be entered as though typed manually. This feature is available to SimCoupe users only, and can be used as follows:

Ensure you're already in the correct mode/program for the input. Press Esc to cancel an active listing.


Version 1.2, last updated 5th September 2008 [changelog]

Apple 1 Emulator (18K)
Source code (github)

Apple 1 monitor manual (2.8MB)


Shift-Esc = soft reset
Symbol-1 = 50Hz terminal
Symbol-2 = 100Hz terminal

In SimCoupe, use Ctrl-1 and Ctrl-2 to change the terminal speed.


Boot Screen Monitor
Applesoft BASIC Krusader Assembler