This picture was taken sometime around my 2nd year in primary school, before we moved away in 1977.

Hover your cursor over anyone in the image below to display their name.

Class Photo Christopher Stephen Martin Moir Douglas Selkirk Jonathan Northcroft James Petty David Snodgrass Colin Parkhill Michael Tucker Kenneth Ross Simon Owen (me!) Graham Smith Julie Lowson Kathleen Marr Jenny Maher Edwin Jones Jolyon Wood David Fyfe Karen Ross Kerry McKenzie Susy Bell Amanda Miller Pauline (?) Annemarie Stephen Lorraine Dawson Angela Smith Rhonda Johnston

Top: Christopher Stephen, Martin Moir, Douglas Selkirk, Jonathan Northcroft, James Petty, David Snodgrass, Colin Parkhill, Michael Tucker
Middle: Kenneth Ross, Simon Owen (me!), Graham Smith, Julie Lowson, Kathleen Marr, Jenny Maher, Edwin Jones, Jolyon Wood, David Fyfe
Bottom: Karen Ross, Kerry McKenzie, Susy Bell, Amanda Miller, Pauline (?), Annemarie Stephen, Lorraine Dawson, Angela Smith, Rhonda Johnston

Scott McDougall and Joanne Dyer were in the same class, but not present for the photo above. Joanne was absent with measles.

Many thanks to Pat Bell, Alan Baxter, and Scott McDougall, who provided almost all the names above. Alan worked as a teacher at Newtonhill Primary between 1976 and 1984.