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TrinLoad v1.0

Developing Trinity-specific code has typically meant assembling directly on real SAM hardware, or assembling on the PC and transferring the program over to SAM. In my case the latter involved writing the disk image out from pyz80 to an SD card using SAMdisk, moving the card over to Trinity, rebooting SAM to have the new […]


The SAM port of uIP seems to be on hold at the moment, so I’ve been looking at other IP stacks to use until it’s ready. The most appealing is Mark Rison’s CPC/IP, not least because it’s written in Z80 and should work without extensive changes. It also comes with a number of built-in client […]

Trinity Ethernet

After a break of a few of months, I’m almost back on the development wagon. I did the odd project tweak during that time but haven’t spent any quality time working on new features. Last month I picked up one of the first Quazar Trinty boards. Since then I’ve been working on the ethernet side, […]