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Spectrum Snapshot Tracing

Given a Spectrum snapshot, is it possible to determine which areas are code? A typical approach would be to modify an emulator to record the location of every instruction executed, and let the snapshot run normally for a while. This gives a guarantee about marked locations, but it’s limited to code that is actually run […]

Spectrum Pac-Man

I think I’ve got Pac-Man back out of my system for now, with the new(ish) Spectrum port and updated SAM version. The Spectrum version turned out to be much bigger than expected, in terms of both conversion effort and community reception. I’d only planned to do a quick conversion of the graphics to monochrome, and […]

ZXodus Engine

Andrew Owen recently released his ZXodus Engine for the Spectrum, which provides a 9×9 tile grid (144×144 pixels), with independent attribute control for each 8-pixel display byte. He seemed particularly chuffed it achieved a rainbow processing effect across 18 blocks, when most people stopped at 16. While it was great he made it freely available, […]