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If you’ve accessed BDOS-format disks in Windows, you’re probably aware of the need to run with Administrator rights. For security reasons, raw disk devices cannot be opened by normal unprivileged users. Starting with Windows Vista, processes are launched with basic rights, even if the current user is a member of the Administrators group. To run […]

TrinLoad v1.0

Developing Trinity-specific code has typically meant assembling directly on real SAM hardware, or assembling on the PC and transferring the program over to SAM. In my case the latter involved writing the disk image out from pyz80 to an SD card using SAMdisk, moving the card over to Trinity, rebooting SAM to have the new […]

Further EDSK extensions

I’ve been involved with various disk preservation groups over the last few years. A large part of that has been for Spectrum +3 and Amstrad CPC disks, with SAMdisk extended to support copy-protected disks. The +3/CPC disks are usually stored in the Extended DSK (EDSK) image file format, designed to hold (almost) any format compatible […]

Atom Lite CF support

With Edwin’s help, I’ve just finished adding Atom Lite 1.x support to both SimCoupe and SamDisk. The new interface is a simplified version of the original Atom HDD interface, and is now primarily for Compact Flash use. The Atom Lite uses an ATA feature for 8-bit data accesses, rather than normal 16-bit IDE mode, avoiding […]

Project status update

As this is my first entry, I thought it best to report where things are with the main projects: fdrawcmd.sys is almost unchanged since the release in May, as there’s been nothing much to do. I’ve no outstanding issues to fix, and only a minor enhancement that wasn’t worth a new release.I’ve been working on […]