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TrinLoad v1.0

Developing Trinity-specific code has typically meant assembling directly on real SAM hardware, or assembling on the PC and transferring the program over to SAM. In my case the latter involved writing the disk image out from pyz80 to an SD card using SAMdisk, moving the card over to Trinity, rebooting SAM to have the new […]

SimCoupe for Raspberry Pi (SDL 2.0)

Previous versions of SimCoupe used SDL 1.2 on the Pi. SDL 1.2 video surfaces are fully implemented in software, typically giving a fixed-size output window without any fancy features such as alpha transparency (well, not at a reasonable speed). SimCoupe also supported OpenGL though a thin SDL wrapper to give hardware acceleration on many platforms […]

SimCoupe for Rasbian

Rasbian is the new OS recommendation for the Raspberry Pi. It’s slightly better configured than the previous Debian “squeeze” image, with fewer steps needed to build SimCoupe. Here’s an update to my previous instructions, plus a new binary: System Requirements • Raspberry Pi board • Rasbian “wheezy” (2012-07-15-wheezy-raspbian) written to SD card • Ethernet connection […]

SimCoupe for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi boards are starting to reach more end users, so it seems like a good time to cover what’s needed to get SimCoupe running on it. The instructions below will lead you through downloading and building SimCoupe on the Pi itself. If you’d prefer to download a ready-to-run binary, skip to the end. System […]

Spectrum Pac-Man

I think I’ve got Pac-Man back out of my system for now, with the new(ish) Spectrum port and updated SAM version. The Spectrum version turned out to be much bigger than expected, in terms of both conversion effort and community reception. I’d only planned to do a quick conversion of the graphics to monochrome, and […]

Space Invaders emulator

I thought it was about time I added the Space Invaders “emulator” (binary port?) to my website, as I’d not touched it in over 3 years. Most of the work to get it running was done, with just sound and display rotation left to add. While mulling over the tricky display code I moved on […]


The SAM port of uIP seems to be on hold at the moment, so I’ve been looking at other IP stacks to use until it’s ready. The most appealing is Mark Rison’s CPC/IP, not least because it’s written in Z80 and should work without extensive changes. It also comes with a number of built-in client […]

Trinity Ethernet

After a break of a few of months, I’m almost back on the development wagon. I did the odd project tweak during that time but haven’t spent any quality time working on new features. Last month I picked up one of the first Quazar Trinty boards. Since then I’ve been working on the ethernet side, […]

SID Player v1.1

I’ve updated SAM SID Player to version 1.1, addressing some issues with the original version: Updated 6502 core The recent core enhancements mean it’s now possible to trap SID writes from all instructions, without the need for hard-coded checks. Control register re-triggering now works correctly in all tunes rather than just the few previously supported […]

Apple 1 emulator

This will probably be my last emulator for a while so I can return to normal projects. I’d wanted to emulate the Apple 1 for quite a while, and didn’t think it should take more than a couple of hours to make a usable emulator. The Apple 1 is a surprisingly simple device, with 1MHz […]