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SimCoupe for Raspberry Pi (SDL 2.0)

Previous versions of SimCoupe used SDL 1.2 on the Pi. SDL 1.2 video surfaces are fully implemented in software, typically giving a fixed-size output window without any fancy features such as alpha transparency (well, not at a reasonable speed). SimCoupe also supported OpenGL though a thin SDL wrapper to give hardware acceleration on many platforms […]

SimCoupe for Rasbian

Rasbian is the new OS recommendation for the Raspberry Pi. It’s slightly better configured than the previous Debian “squeeze” image, with fewer steps needed to build SimCoupe. Here’s an update to my previous instructions, plus a new binary: System Requirements • Raspberry Pi board • Rasbian “wheezy” (2012-07-15-wheezy-raspbian) written to SD card • Ethernet connection […]

SimCoupe for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi boards are starting to reach more end users, so it seems like a good time to cover what’s needed to get SimCoupe running on it. The instructions below will lead you through downloading and building SimCoupe on the Pi itself. If you’d prefer to download a ready-to-run binary, skip to the end. System […]