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FdInstall false-positive, again

Avira Antivir strikes again, with another false-positive in the fdrawcmd.sys installer. The current virus definitions report the FdInstall.dll installer plugin as infected with TR/Dropper.Gen (a “generic trojan detection routine”). As before, avoiding UPX compression on the module is a magic fix. It’s particularly frustrating because the compression isn’t hiding anything, since the original module can […]

fdrawcmd.sys license update

I’ve decided to remove the non-commercial use restriction from my driver license. The original reason for having it was to prevent 3rd parties profiting from what I’m releasing for free, though in reality it’s unlikely to add great value to anything. The change also frees it up for use by small chargeable projects, which I […]

FdInstall false-positive

I had a report that the AntiVir virus scanner was detecting a DR/Zlob.Gen virus in my new FdInstall.exe installer. I was pretty certain this was a false-positive, and three alternative scanners I had access to all agreed with me. Googling for other online scanners I came across a handy site to check it more thoroughly. […]

FdInstall revamped

I’ve spent the last few days updating FdInstall, which is used to install/uninstall/upgrade fdrawcmd.sys. It needed a few improvements for Vista support, which gave the perfect excuse for a complete revamp. The original installer was designed to have minimal dependencies, be simple to use, and avoid reboots where possible. I went for a single dialog […]

Project status update

As this is my first entry, I thought it best to report where things are with the main projects: fdrawcmd.sys is almost unchanged since the release in May, as there’s been nothing much to do. I’ve no outstanding issues to fix, and only a minor enhancement that wasn’t worth a new release.I’ve been working on […]