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Sound and video recording

I’ve spent most of last week looking at recording features in SimCoupe, with initial support for sound/video and future support for input recording (more on that one in a future posting): Sound recording┬áThis was very easy to do as the data is already in PCM format ready to be written to a wave file. I […]

SimCoupe tape support

It’s been close to the bottom of my ToDo list for years, but I’ve finally added preliminary support for loading from tape. It was painless in the end too, largely thanks to Philip Kendall’s libspectrum library, which does all the hard work. It supports TZX, TAP and CSW tape images, which between them can represent […]

Compiler upgrade

Until now, pretty much everything I’ve built for Windows was compiled using Visual Studio 6, despite Microsoft having since released three newer versions. I thought it was about time I took a serious look at moving to Visual Studio 2005, as it makes building matching 32-bit and 64-bit versions far easier. The code it produces […]

FdInstall false-positive

I had a report that the AntiVir virus scanner was detecting a DR/Zlob.Gen virus in my new FdInstall.exe installer. I was pretty certain this was a false-positive, and three alternative scanners I had access to all agreed with me. Googling for other online scanners I came across a handy site to check it more thoroughly. […]