As this is my first entry, I thought it best to report where things are with the main projects:

  • fdrawcmd.sys is almost unchanged since the release in May, as there’s been nothing much to do. I’ve no outstanding issues to fix, and only a minor enhancement that wasn’t worth a new release.I’ve been working on improving the driver installer, which will use the same NSIS setup as SimCoupe instead of my small custom installer. This will give a more traditional install/uninstall process and include both 32-bit and 64-bit drivers in one download. I’ll release a new version once it is complete, even if the embedded drivers don’t get updated from the previous release.

  • SimCoupe is also due a refresh build in the next month, mainly to improve Vista support. I’ve done some minor enhancements and fixes to the main code branch, but only enough to make it version 1.01 rather than 1.1.I’ve made a start to bigger changes in a code branch, which largely involves separating the emulation+sound from the UI+video processing. This should hopefully eliminate the occasional sound glitches from moving things over the main window, etc. It should also do more to spread the workload on multi-core CPUs. I also have some fragments of other features, including movie and sound recording.

  • SamDisk has been neglected for a few months, despite having been close to a release for a while! I’m happy with the core functionality, which does an excellent job with copy-protected and custom formatted disks (right to the limit of the PC controller’s ability). I’ve still not decided on the list of disk image formats for the initial version, but it’ll certainly include EDSK, MGT, TRD, D81 and BPB (for normal PC disks).