Archive for December, 2006

FdInstall revamped

I’ve spent the last few days updating FdInstall, which is used to install/uninstall/upgrade fdrawcmd.sys. It needed a few improvements for Vista support, which gave the perfect excuse for a complete revamp. The original installer was designed to have minimal dependencies, be simple to use, and avoid reboots where possible. I went for a single dialog […]

Vista icon update

Vista includes support for 32-bit colour icons up to 256×256 pixels in size – something Mac OS X has enjoyed for a while. They’re designed for high-DPI displays so they look too big on normal 96 dpi displays, but they do scale well to give quality smaller icons for normal use. The Mac version of […]

Vista tweaks

I’ve had my eye on Vista since the beta versions were released earlier this year. So far only the SimCoupe 1.0 release in July has included Vista-specific changes. These were: Avoiding touching the primary display surface SimCoupe uses a video overlay surface for the SAM display by default, which gives the best performance on old […]

Project status update

As this is my first entry, I thought it best to report where things are with the main projects: fdrawcmd.sys is almost unchanged since the release in May, as there’s been nothing much to do. I’ve no outstanding issues to fix, and only a minor enhancement that wasn’t worth a new release.I’ve been working on […]